Perri supports campaign finance reform, ending gerrymandering, and promoting universal health care either through single-payer or by requiring private companies to become nonprofits. He wants to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and increase incentives for renewables, and he supports a progressive income tax and a $15/hour minimum wage. Perri wants a Clean DREAM Act, expand DACA, and remove red tape from the process of obtaining legal immigrant status. His vision for criminal justice reform emphasizes rehabilitation and reintegration into society; both he and Paul Quinzi helped found the UT’s Expunction Project that gives pro bono help for criminal record cleanup. Perri made headlines on the campaign trail over the summer for debating InfoWars street reporter Owen Shroyer in front of the Texas Capitol.

Julie Oliver.jpg

Julie Oliver (D-TX)

Oliver serves on the board of managers for the Travis County Healthcare District. She supports instituting Medicare for All and strengthening women’s health care. She wants to connect Texans with jobs by investing in training, certification, and apprenticeship programs. She prioritizes strengthening democracy by ending gerrymandering and the influence of dark money, strengthening voting rights and implementing term limits. She supports full equality for LGBTQ people, comprehensive and humane immigration reform, and comprehensive criminal justice reform. She wants to increase taxes on corporations and the wealthy, increase the minimum wage to at least $15/hour, and fight climate change through environmental protections.