Crowe is a former congressional staffer and climate activist who gained recognition both as a “science nerd” running in support of science-based climate policies and as the candidate who was arrested along with six others protesting the TrumpCare bill in front of Senator John Cornyn’s office. Crowe is a major advocate for a $15/hour minimum wage (indexed to inflation), a single-payer Medicare for All health care system, tuition-free college, and a no-excuses transition to renewable energy. He wants to overturn Citizens United, and he wants to end mass incarceration, mass deportation, and the failed war on drugs. Derrick stands firmly for Net Neutrality, and he’s advocated serious antitrust enforcement stemming from the concentration of corporate power. Last August, Crowe called on Austin City Council to execute a plan to be carbon-free by 2030. Crowe is funding his campaign through grassroots donations and has sworn off corporate PAC money and support from SuperPACs. Crowe is also endorsed by Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt, Our Revolution, Justice Democrats, Democracy for America, Blue America, National Nurses United, 350.org founder Bill McKibben, Austin Young Democrats, University Democratss, Northeast Bexar County Democrats, Circle C Area Democrats, and many more organizations.

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Joseph Kopser (D-TX)

A tech entrepreneur, 20-year army veteran, and former Reagan Republican, Kopser seeks moderate, incremental progressive change. He supports a Medicare buy-in option for people who qualify for insurance subsidies under the Affordable Care Act, a public option, and insurance rate regulation. To address mass incarceration, he wants to regulate private prisons, abolish mandatory minimum sentences, and fund drug and mental health courts.  He recently came out in favor of a $15/hour minimum wage, although early in the campaign he expressed concern that the higher the minimum wage gets, the faster technology will replace workers. In addition to promoting renewable energy, Kopser advocates a transition away from fossil fuels through “transparent” natural gas fracking, and he’s stated  that “the science on fracking is questionable.” Kopser sits on the board of the Texas Association of Business and the Austin Chamber of Commerce, is a member of the Truman National Security Project, and helped found Bunker Labs Austin, a start-up incubator for veterans. Kopser's fundraising emphasizes small donations and help from four political action committees (PACs), including Rep. Seth Moulton’s Serve America PAC, Joe Trippi’s 314 Action PAC, Matt Angle’s Lone Star Project PAC, and VoteVets PAC. Kopser came under fire during the course of the primary for repeated plagiarism as well as for receiving help from the DCCC before the primary was decided. At a recent forum in Bandera County, he compared the U.S.-Mexico border to the Iran-Iraq border and called for its militarization and voiced support for "border zones". Kopser is endorsed by Democratic Whip Rep. Steny Hoyer, Texas State Senator Kirk Watson, Texas State House Rep Donna Howard, San Antonio Judge Nelson Wolff, and ATX Dem Vets.

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Mary Wilson (D-TX)

Mary Wilson is former math instructor and a current minister at a progressive church in Cedar Park; she believes in the separation of church and state and respect for non-religious people. She has a record of progressive advocacy in opposition to the bathroom bill and school vouchers and in support of Planned Parenthood, the LGBTQ community, and the water protectors at Standing Rock. She broadly supports several progressive causes, including immigration reform, public school funding, universal health care, and gun safety legislation.

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Elliot McFadden (D-TX)

Elliot McFadden is a progressive Democrat and founder of Austin B-Cycle, one of the most successful bike-sharing programs in the country. After serving in the Peace Corps, McFadden worked as the executive director of the Travis County Democratic Party, where he managed the effort to create the Travis County Healthcare District. He believes we should restore Congress as an equal and independent legislative body. He wants to end gerrymandering and dark corporate money in politics. He supports Medicare for All and wants to create low-cost and tuition-free programs for college students. McFadden wants the electoral college to be abolished and to see 12-year term limits for House members. Along the campaign trail, he has repeatedly asserted that progressives cannot flip TX-21 with a “Republican-lite” appeal. McFadden also called out DC influence in the TX-21 race. Elliott’s full list of supporters appears on his website.

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