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✅Left Up to Us endorses Mike Siegel (D-TX)

Siegel’s strong support for working people and immigrant families is informed by his years of experience as a civil rights attorney and his recent representation of  the City of Austin against Senate Bill 4. He supports Medicare for All and has specific policy ideas regarding everything from criminal justice reform to renewable energy. His campaign has developed a professional campaign infrastructure and mobilized 150 volunteers throughout the district, and he hopes to organize a thousand volunteers by November. Siegel is also endorsed by Austin Central Labor Council, the Gulf Coast Labor Federation, AFSCME Local 1624, and UNITE HERE Local 23.


Kevin Nelson (D-TX)

Kevin Nelson has degrees in physics and philosophy and has mostly worked in publishing, though he has held a teaching position at Austin Community College. One of his main priorities is access to affordable health care, and while he is interested in a multitude of possible avenues to that goal, he favors a public option. His other stated main priority is tax fairness. He has never held elected office, and the extent of his previous civic involvement is unclear.

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Madeline K. Eden (D-TX)

Madeline K. Eden is a technology professional who specializes in blockchain technology and has been involved in various open-source software initiatives and nonprofit organizations. Her platform supports a very wide range of progressive values, including LGBTQ equality, single payer health care, and immigrant rights. She emphasizes her focus on increased cybersecurity and congressional term limits. She is a digital currency advocate.

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Matt Harris (D-TX) has a professional background in data science and project management and has previously served on a city council advisory commission, his neighborhood association, and the board of directors for the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation. His policy focus is on economic issues, such as a high-wage entrepreneurial economy, sustainability, and fairness, and he vows to support Medicare for All. At a Rainey Street speaking engagement, he focused on wealth and income inequality as well as the concentration of corporate power in our country.


Tami Walker (D-TX) is an attorney who has spent much of her life in rural Texas. She started a grassroots organization in Katy for Pantsuit Republic that works on voter engagement and education, and she has been active in the PTA and other local organizations. She supports Medicare for All and sensible gun laws, in addition to a number of other progressive causes, and she highlights her experience in addressing and finding practical solutions to environmental and business issues. She has been endorsed by the Stonewall Democrats.

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Tawana Walter-Cadien (D-TX)is a Texas native living in Cypress with a degree in public administration and a degree in nursing. She served on her local community’s democratic executive committee and was elected twice as Chair of Jefferson County Precinct 26. She ran for this seat in 2012 and won in the primaries but lost to Michael T. McCaul. She is currently focused on expanding healthcare to everyone, passing bills that support the rights of veterans, enforcing legislation that supports senior citizens, and working on forward-looking education reform. She also endorses strong Homeland Security and intends to “support bills designed to truly protect our home and her people.”

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