Kling prioritizes funding for public education, particularly innovation and teacher pay and protection. He supports local control, not corporate control, over community development. He opposes the Texas “bathroom bill” (SB6) and “show me your papers” law (SB4). He emphatically supports universal health care and is particularly concerned with defending access to women’s health care and promoting evidence-based teen pregnancy prevention. Kling has raised twice as much money  as any Democratic challenger Sen. Campbell has ever faced. His full list of endorsements and supporters can be found here. You can see him speaking on key issues in this Wimberley Dems Forum Clip.

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Jack Guerra (D-TX)

Guerra is running in the Democratic Primary against Steve Kling for the Senate District 25 seat currently held by Republican Donna Campbell. Guerra stresses his roots in San Antonio and the SD-25 area as well as his years of experience as a city planner.  He attended high school and junior college in San Antonio, graduated  from UT-Austin with a BA in urban geography and economics, and holds a master's degree in City and Regional Planning. For the past 18 years, Guerra has been a small business owner of rental income properties. In San Antonio, Guerra promotes himself as a “centrist moderate Democrat” who will address population growth, suburban sprawl and traffic issues. You can see him speaking on key issues in  this Wimberley Dems Forum Clip.