Mike Clark Candidate Questionnaire


What actions have you taken to improve your community?

As an activist in the Williamson County Democratic Party (WCDP) for the last decade, getting more people out to vote and involved in our political process has been most rewarding.  As the Congressional Candidate in 2016 for TX31, I was the first to break the 100k vote barrier as well as rallying support for progressive issues.  As chair of the Candidate Recruitment committee of the WCDP, I helped lead the efforts to recruit 10 progressive candidates to run for local offices for the May 2017 elections. I’ve also been effective at recruiting new precinct chairs to help get out the vote in precincts; going from 20% filled to 80% filled within the last year.  Inspiring others to inspire more people to get involved in our community and make positive change happen is what it’s all about!


What is an example or two of legislation you’d like to see passed on Criminal Justice Reform?

Two is not enough, but ending private prisons and legalize cannabis would be a good start.


What is your stance on gun control?

Universal background checks, No fly No buy legislation, mandatory and regular firearm safety and training


What policies would you like to see in place nationally to address racial justice? What actions have you taken on racial justice?

Make it mandatory that everyone has the same high quality legal representation in court.  Let’s be realistic, too.  Until we have elected representation and judges who will adequality address racial injustice, change will never happen.  The dehumanization of people because of their race has no place in 21st America.


What policies would you implement to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change? What actions have you taken on Environmental Justice?

As a seventh generation Texan whose family were small farmers and ranchers, taking care of your land for future generations to use is a must!  I would support legislation that promotes buildings and homes to reuse gray water for irrigation.  I would also support strengthening the EPA to enforce environmental.  We must also enhance our legislation that criminalizes those that violate our environmental laws.


What’s an example of legislation you would support to promote clean renewable energy?

I think the Carbon Fee and Dividend would be one effective legislation that not only helps middle class but also puts us on the path to CO2 emission reduction.   At the same time, reducing the rules and regulations that impede clean energy in some areas of the country is a must. We must also update our patent system, so that clean energy innovations can be developed unimpeded by those who squat on patents..


Will you sponsor HR-676 Medicare For All?



What policies would you pursue to address the issue of income & wealth inequality?

Enacting a living wage of $15 with no exemptions along with enacting a progressive income tax structure would be the first two steps. That would help ensure that the free flow of money continues within our economy.

What ideas do you have for consumer protection and Wall Street regulation?

We need to make sure that the rules and regulations that govern our financial systems is strengthen and not weakened.  Smart risk investments should be the focus for Wall Street, not reckless gambling for greed. We must criminalize these reckless financial behaviors that includes jail time in addition to severe financial penalties.


What are some policies you would implement to make our election system more democratic?

Repeal the Electoral College, enact Automatic Voter Registration, and put redistricting in the hands of citizens not legislators.

How are you funding your campaign?

Local small group gatherings as well as online requests.  99% of the money raised as been within the district I’m running in.  No outside political influences, no D.C. establishment money and no outside big money donors.


What should the Federal Government do regarding undocumented immigrants?


First, they should be able to get a green card followed by a path for residency.  That would allow them to be legally productive people.  For those on DACA, becoming a U.S. citizen must be the right thing to enact.


If there were one thing you could accomplish immediately, what would it be?

Fully fund and address Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) with our veterans.  It is a national crisis and represents the true cost of war.

What is your campaign strategy for winning in November?

I have a twofold approach.  The first is the traditional grassroots efforts of knocking on doors and calling people.  The second is an aggressive online strategy with heavy focus on social media.  This is 2017 and many more voters live and work online.

What spending would you advocate increasing or decreasing while in office?

We must allocate more resources on health care and education.  A healthy and educated society is a prosperous and strong society.  Our military budget should focus less on “new toys” and more on maintenance, readiness, and training.  A well trained and maintained defense force is the best defense.


Are there any issues on which you disagree with Bernie Sanders?

I think capitalism will always be part of our society.  It will take a long term solution of educating and training the next generation on money, finance, and wealth.  The greed and corruption that has come with wealth undermines and harms the ones most in need.  Money should be a tool that helps promote a societies well-being, not create the haves and have nots.  This will take good morals and good judgement, not something that can always be forced on someone, but if we have good elected officials that lead by example, that would help make a good positive impact for many others to follow.