Issue Advocacy

Get involved in LUTU advocacy efforts with our lobbying committee!


What we do

  • The newly created Left Up To Us Lobbying Committee engages in both grassroots lobbying and direct "citizen" lobbying.
  • The committee DOES NOT do anything involving (or encouraging) the lobbying of public officials with money, gifts, or favors.
  • We organize workshops to train LUTU members to advocate for policies in front of public officials.
  • We organize groups of LUTU members to go to City Hall, the State Capitol, and other government offices, to advocate on behalf of policies that LUTU favors and prioritizes.


  • This is a brand new committee, help us build its first accomplishments

Current Projects

  • Come to our first Lobbying Committee meeting and help plan our first project!

What we need help with

  • We need experienced issue advocates to help lead advocacy workshops

  • We need people to organize groups to go to City Hall and other government offices to advocate with us

  • We need people to attend our committee meetings and help plan future efforts

  • We need people to get involved in our internal education committee to help us develop informed positions on the issues we advocate for


If you are interested, let us know below!

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