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A strong proponent of health care, voting rights, civil rights, and reproductive rights, Zwiener believes that Texas needs to restore funding for schools, expand Medicaid, protect LGBTQ rights, and reform campaign financing. Zwiener was recently featured on the cover of Time Magazine as part of the “Pink Wave,” a record number of first-time female candidates who say they were inspired to run for office following the election of Donald Trump and the 2017 Women’s March. She opposes gerrymandering and SB4 and supports legalizing and regulating marijuana. Formally educated in natural resource conservation, Zwiener supports renewable energy development and protections for Texas’s groundwater and streams. Last year, she helped organize a mock town hall to seek an audience with the absent Roger Williams, and she was a lead organizer of last December’s demonstration at the Texas Capitol encouraging Electoral College voters to "follow their consciences." Zwiener is also well-known for being a three-time winner on Jeopardy, a children’s author, and a member of the Long Riders Guild, a group that recognizes people who have ridden more than a thousand miles on a horse or mule.

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Rebecca Bell-Metereau (D-TX)

Bell-Metereau is running for State Representative to stop what she sees as a growing movement of right-wing extremists. A professor of English and Film for 30 years at Texas State University San Marcos, Rebecca's first campaigns for public office were to unseat Republican Ken Mercer on the State Board of Education. She ran in 2010, 2012, and 2016 and got closer each time but came up short in the 13-county SBOE jurisdiction that is heavily gerrymandered by the Texas GOP. Her platform centers on improving public schools, creating good jobs, providing better access to health care, and protecting the environment. She is endorsed by the Austin Central Labor Council AFL-CIO. She touts her volunteer work on the San Marcos Planning and Zoning Commission and her environmental activism, including especially helping bring recycling to San Marcos. In a recent interview with the Texas State University Star, she further explains why she entered the race.

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Les Carnes (D-TX)

Les Carnes, a first time candidate for office, states that he is running to protect the natural resources and quality of life that he believes has been under threat from right-wing attacks led by the Koch Brothers-backed American Legislative Exchange Council. Carnes served for 27 years in the Comptroller of Public Accounts, a state agency. He has been an active Democrat in Hays County, including serving for seven years as treasurer of the Hays County Democratic Party, and is a founding member of the San Marcos Democrats. Carnes stresses his activism to protect water resources in Hays County, where he serves on the Hays County Water Planning Partnership. In his platform, Les calls for all school districts to participate in social security for teachers and  advocates for a pay raise for teachers. He calls for increased state funding for maintenance and repair of local roads and bridges. Carnes is a board member of the Pease Park Conservancy in Austin, where he helps organize the annual Eeyore’s Birthday Party.