Canvassing and neighborhood organizing


Help engage and organize underrepresented and underserved communities!

What We Do

Canvassing is one of the most important ways to organize communities and support progressive candidates. Through canvassing, we work towards these goals.

  • Help folks identify and address the most pressing issues facing their communities.
  • Empower individuals by giving them a voice to express what matters most to them.
  • Identify potential leaders and enable them to organize their communities with our support.
  • Empower communities by bringing neighbors together to tackle shared problems and combine their voices to make local government more responsive to their needs.


  • We've organized Left Up To US members to participate in multiple canvasser training events, led by experienced political canvassers, to teach people how to talk with residents about the issues that affect them.
  • We've organized Left Up To US members to participate in multiple neighborhood canvasses, knocking on hundreds of doors in Travis Co Precinct 407, in the Del Valle area, to engage residents and encourage them to get involved with groups like the Del Valle Community Coalition to push for greater accountability by local government. 

Current Projects

  • Organizing canvasses for our endorsed 2018 primary candidates.
  • We will be canvassing across Travis County, so you'll have multiple opportunities to get involved. 

  • Voter guide coming soon! 

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