Help LUTU ethically raise money to finance our projects!

Help LUTU ethically raise money to finance our projects!

What we do


  • In celebration of LUTU's one-year anniversary, we organized a benefit concert with four musical guests at Spider House Café and Ballroom, funding LUTU's operations for most of 2017.

  • We held a screening of the documentary film The Rag: Underground Newspaper, produced by Austin's own People’s History in Texas.

    • The film chronicled the life and times of Austin’s pioneering underground newspaper, The Rag. (Learn more about The Rag here:

    • This event raised money for our modern version of The Rag, the Left Up To US Newsletter, enabling us to publish 1000 copies of our first edition.

    • After the film we held a Q&A panel, featuring the LUTU Publications Organizer, Ellen Gregor, the LUTU Editing Coordinator, Kelly Besecke, and LUTU organizer Glenn Scott, who also worked on The Rag many years ago.

Current projects

  • Raising funds to cover the cost of publishing the second edition of our print newsletter.

  • Planning LUTU Fest, a benefit we're organizing for this September

What we need help with

  • We need people who will come to our Fundraising Committee meetings and help us brainstorm fundraising ideas, and plan the logistics for LUTU Fest and other future fundraising events
  • We're looking for donations of goods and/or services to auction at future fundraisers
  • We need performers for LUTU Fest
  • If you can offer free space for a future fundraiser, that would be amazing!

If you are interested, let us know below!

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