This is what democracy looks like!


Left Up To US is committed to being democratic, inclusive, respectful, and empowering to our members.


To stay true to these principles, we do the following:


Frequent leadership elections

  • All leadership roles are up for re-election every six months so leaders remain accountable.
    • Leadership candidates fill out questionnaires so members are enabled to make educated voting decisions.
    • LUTU Elections use range voting on a 0-4 scale, allowing members the most freedom possible to express their opinion through their vote.


Horizontal leadership


Member participation in decision-making


Encouraging respect and fostering member empowerment

  • LUTU leaders are expected to treat all members with respect and understanding.
  • We do not make direct efforts to solicit donations from our members
  • While we enthusiastically encourage participation, we all strive to be understanding to personal situations and to make you feel comfortable being involved as much or as little as you choose to be. 
  • We encourage and support all new members interested in running for LUTU leadership.
  • We enable members to use LUTU as a vessel to organize their own ideas into group actions that they lead.