County Court at Law #3

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Quinzi, a first time candidate for public office, graduated from UT-Austin Laws School in 2001 and has been a practicing attorney in Austin for 15 years. After serving several years as a prosecuting attorney in the County Attorney’s office, he started his own private practice in 2006. He specializes in innocence defense and expungement of records. He is the founding partner of the UT Pro Bono Expunction Clinic along with LUTU-endorsed candidate Chris Perri. Quinzi has said that he is running for judge because he has seen too many people saddled with undue burdens that follow them forever. He believes that the courts need progressive changes to address inequities and lack of fairness in our criminal justice system. Quinzi is running against an eight-year incumbent judge because he believes that the time is right for a progressive candidate who is committed to criminal justice reform to serve on the County Court #3 bench.

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Judge John Lipscombe (D-TX)

Judge Lipscombe has served as judge in the County Court at Law #3 since his election in 2010. Before that he served 19 years as a prosecutor in the County Attorney’s office. Lipscombe is proud of his union background, which began when he worked as a union shuttle bus driver while he attended UT. Later he was an active member of AFSCME as a prosecutor in the County Attorney’s office. In his campaigns for his judgeship, Lipscombe has touted his efforts to promote access and alternatives to incarceration. A recent study by Grassroots Leadership raised questions about a troubling trend of racial disparities in the sentencing and jail times of African Americans and people of color charged with misdemeanors in the County misdemeanor courts, which includes Judge Lipscombe’s County Court at Law #3.