Researching politicians and candidates

Help identify Bernie-like candidates in ATX-area elections!

Help identify Bernie-like candidates in ATX-area elections!

What We Do

The Left Up To US Ballot Research Committee builds and maintains a research database on all Austin-area politicians and likely candidates for office

  • We work toward creating “report cards” with grades for politicians and candidates, with emphasis on identifying the most progressive and incorruptible candidates likely to run in future Democratic primaries

  • We research and educate the LUTU membership on details of upcoming elections

  • We propose candidates and ballot propositions for Left Up To US to endorse and to organize for


Current Projects

2018 Democratic Primaries!

  • Our goal is to empower the progressive community in the Austin area to make informed decisions in 2018.

  • We’ve created questionnaires for candidates for county, state, and federal offices.

  • We’ll be organizing Candidate Forums for three races.

  • We’ll be doing independent research until September, and in October we’ll use this research to grade the candidates on how well they reflect our values.

  • These grades will enable us to vote on our endorsements, create our 2018 Democratic Primary Voters Guide, and vote on which candidates we should organize volunteer events for leading up to the 3/6/18 Primary Election.

  • Full timeline here 

How You Can Help

  • We need volunteer researchers to join our ten research teams!!!

If you're interested, let us know below!


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