459th District Judge


✅LEFT UP TO US ENDORSES Maya guerra Gamble (D-TX)

Gamble is the Left Up To Us endorsed candidate in this race. She emphasizes her trial experience, her Austin roots, and her desire to “help the most defenseless and needy among us.” Gamble was raised in Austin and has been a licensed attorney in Texas since 1997. She has practiced trial law as a solo practitioner representing children and parents in Child Protective Services cases since January 2011. After graduating from Austin High School, Gamble earned an undergraduate degree in psychology from Yale in 1992 and graduated from Yale Law School  in 1996. She has served several years on the Texas Supreme Court Standing Commission on Children as well as the Travis County Child Welfare Board. Gamble’s full list of endorsements and supporters can be found here. Gamble has personally knocked on over 2,500 doors in her neighborhood canvassing efforts.

aurora martinez-jones.jpg

Aurora Martinez-Jones (D-TX)

Martinez-Jones emphasizes her judicial experience, her diversity, and her involvement in the community. The Travis County Council of Judges appointed her to serve as an Associate Judge for Civil Courts, a position she has held for about three years. She presides over child welfare dockets including Child Protective Services cases. Before being appointed to the bench, Martinez-Jones practiced law as a solo practitioner for seven years. Since her appointment to the bench, she has joined and participated in several community organizations focused on women and children. She graduated from UT-Austin with a B.A. in Government in 2004 and earned her law degree from UT-Austin in 2007. While attending UT, Martinez-Jones founded a pre-law organization: Minority Women Pursuing Law. The group still exists, and Martinez-Jones remains active in the organization. Her list of endorsements and supporters can be seen here.

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Greg hitt (D-TX)

Hitt has practiced law for 25 years, 22 of which he has spent as a solo practitioner. He was board certified in family law in 2008. His LinkedIn Page describes his practice like this: “Representing clients in family law cases, including divorce, modification, paternity, enforcement, and adoption. My practice includes collaborative family law, a non-adversarial form of alternative dispute resolution with little or no court involvement, as well as traditional family law litigation, and mediation. I also handle wills and estate planning for my clients.” Hitt emphasizes his active role in the Democratic Party; he is a former president of North by Northwest Democrats and a former Democratic Party precinct chair. The 459th Judicial District Court is not strictly a Family Law Court; it is a district court with general civil jurisdiction. Hitt’s full list of endorsements and supporters can be found here.